Japan 2016


Japan is an incredible country. The cities are efficient and clean, the food was amazing and the people were respectful and friendly. During my time in Japan, I was only able to visit 2 different cities, Tokyo and Kyoto. This is one of those countries where I would definitely visit again.

Below are just some of the photos that I’ve taken during my trip.

This was actually the first photo I took when I reached Shinjuku, Tokyo
Japan 2016
Second day in Tokyo and it was already raining
I had no idea what she was trying to sell
Popular Umbrellas

The subway system in Tokyo can practically take you anywhere around the city. It is confusing to find your way around because there are so many different lines and not a whole lot of English, but once you know what you’re doing, it’s very easy.

Tokyo Subway
Japan 2016
Even the seniors play Pokemon Go
On the Subway
Keep moving

The shot below turned out better than I expected, even though his eyes were closed I still like this one. I was chatting with Keychi (@keychimoto), a Jersey boy now living in Tokyo, when I saw this monk walking towards us. I was at the right place, right time and knelt down for the shot right as soon as the monk walked by.

Monk at Sensoji Temple
Japan 2016
Paying their respects at Sensoji Temple in Tokyo
Tourists dressed in traditional Japanese clothing
Not a Geisha

Instagram is an amazing platform to get inspired and to meet talented and like-minded people. I had the opportunity to meet Taku (@octaimages), a very friendly guy who I hope to meet again. He was nice enough to show me around Ginza while teaching me some Japanese.

Japan 2016
The International Forum in Tokyo had an impressive interior
Japan 2016
`Tokyo Drift
Japan 2016
Exploring in Ginza
Above Ginza crossing
Japan 2016
I love these lights

After a long week of work, the people here would fill these back alley bars and drink to their hearts’ content. They are located all over Tokyo. Some of the popular spots are in Shinjuku and Ginza.

Japan 2016
Back Alley Bar
There's a lot of these mini bars all over Tokyo.
Getting ready for the rush
Mini Pubs

Ramen in Tokyo was unbelievably good. Even though it is considered junk food in Japan, I could live off of it.

They're all good in Japan.
Your typical ramen bar
Tipping hats in Shibuya Crossing

Keychi with the stories

From the World Trade Center
Past meets present
There's something about these taxis
Man on his bicycle
These are actually 10, 000 Crystal Bhuddas
Past time activities

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